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What are the best months for bass fishing on Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley?
This is a question that can be answered many ways depending on the species of fish you are seeking to catch and whether or not you are fishing for numbers of fish or want to try for a trophy sized fish.  Rather than publish a chart here naming months of fishing that can be excellent, good, fair, or poor we would rather you email us and tell us which species you would like to target and the focus of your trip.  We can better answer this question with more specific information from you.


I don't have a lot of experience bass fishing but would like to learn more.   Would a guided trip help me?
 Your guide is experienced in providing services for anglers at all skill levels from novice to professional.  We pride ourselves in providing on the water instruction and you can expect your guide to teach you about the lakes here and techniques used to catch the fish you are targeting.   There is no better way to learn than  the "hands on" instruction you will receive from your guide.


How many fish can I expect to catch if I go out with a guide?
 No guide can guarantee that the fish will bite on any given day.  The factors of weather, water temperatures, water clarity, time of year and many other things that mother nature controls is what makes fishing a challenge.  Obviously you have a much better chance of catching fish when you are with someone that fishes over 250 days each year and has intimate knowledge of the waters as well as the techniques used to catch the fish.  Even though we cannot guarantee you will catch a fish (it is rare that this happens), you can rest assured your guide will work hard to get you the fish you are seeking.  Even if in the unlikely event you have a slow day on the water with your guide, you can expect your guide to teach you areas and techniques used to catch the fish that will work for you on another day.


What if we have bad weather on the day I am scheduled for my trip?
 Your guide will make the decision as to the trip cancellation for weather.  He will not take you out if the weather conditions are such that it is not safe for you to be on the water.  If your trip is cancelled prior to your departure from the dock you will be given the option of rescheduling another trip on a day that the guide is available or receive a refund of your deposit.  If the trip is cut short because of inclement weather conditions or mechanical problems your charge for the trip will be prorated from the time you departed the dock until the time the trip was discontinued. 


Will my guide be fishing too?
 Unlike many guides, our guide does not fish unless you invite him to do so.  He will fish only if he needs to use a rod/reel to teach you or if the bite is very slow he may pick up a rod/reel and try some different techniques to see if he can find a productive pattern.  We pride ourselves in teaching you how to catch fish and working to help you catch fish, it is not our intent to use your time so that our guide can fish.